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Why consider DTS for your next design project?

I am a keen observer and have an awareness of visual and textual worlds. I pay close attention to details and approach each project as a team member. I understand that it is you, the client, who is communicating a thought or product. My part of the team is to create your ideas digitally. I have been working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and LiveCycle for over twelve years. During this time I have worked on projects ranging from a complete rebranding to marketing materials such as fliers, newsletters and events.
My portfolio will demonstrate my abilities and creativity. Do not hesitate to contact me for your next project.
Noticing and appreciating, however, is not enough. I have a desire to create and customize ideas that are original and then share them. My observations and your ideas lead to a collaboration of unique and creative designs. This curiosity is at the core of all my designs.
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